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2501 Migrants —- $280.00

2,501 MIGRANTS: A JOURNEY illustrates this through the story of 45-year old artist, Alejandro Santiago. Affluent and erudite, Alejandro returns home to Teococuilco — after a brief self-exile in France — to a virtual ghost town. He experiences, first hand, the reality that Oaxaca has emerged as one of Mexico’s leading exporters of human labor to the United States. Inspired by this, he decides to create a monumental installation art piece: 2,501 life-size sculptures – an homage to each migrant who left his village.
DVD | 53 mm Film | English | Spanish | Chatino

Binational Dreams —- $100.00

A documentary about the bi-national experience of indigenous immigrants from Mexico. Sueños Binacionales tells the stories of the Mixtec people who have been immigrating to California for over 30 years and the more recent stories of the Chatinos who have been immigrating to North Carolina for the past 10 years.
DVD | 30 mm Film | English | Spanish | Chatino

Guenatiza —- $100.00    

A 16-minute documentary about Ulises, an Indian Zapotec native who is a gardener in Los Angeles, California. The documentary follows the voyage of Ulises and his family returning back to their community to host a traditional party in the Northern mountains of Oaxaca.
DVD | Color | English | Spanish | Zapotec

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Women who organize —-  $100.00
Within Dreams —- $200.00

Buy our collection (3 titles) —- $350.00